Player Testimonials

Joe Gedey

 BScKin Laurentian University

As a previous student and player for Coach Kyle Beers it is my pleasure to write this letter for his new basketball development academy, Northern Lights Basketball.  During my 4 years at Lasalle Secondary School I had the privilege to work and learn with Coach Kyle, someone who  not only helped me develop my skills as a player but also become the person I am on and off the court.

​Coach Kyle's passion for teaching and growing the sport of basketball in Northern Ontario is clearly demonstrated by his constant involvement in the basketball community.  During his time as a coach he has led many teams to city and provincial championships as well as given players the skills and tools to play at the next level.  Coach Kyle's knowledge has been gathered from many years of studying, coaching, and playing the sport of basketball.  This gives me complete confidence that Coach Kyle could help any player at any stage become successful and bring their game to the next level.  Coach Kyle's experience as a teacher allows him to clearly communicate and give feedback to players and help them to understand what they need to excel.  

From what I have observed, Coach Kyle has played a key role in not only my life but so many young individuals lives going through his basketball programs over the years. I believe the lessons and experiences Coach Kyle has to offer are crucial in the development of any player both on and off the court.

Mike Liard

4th year undergraduate in Health Promotion at Laurentian University.


​I had the pleasure to play for Mr. Beers for one year in 2009 when I was in grade 9 at Lasalle Secondary School. Having been surrounded by athletes since I was young, it is common to hear that players have that one coach that has had a substantial positive impact on them as players. For myself, out of the various coaches that I have played for, the coach that has had the most impact on me as a player irrefutably is Mr. Beers. From my experience, I observed that Mr. Beers had the ability to help every player on our team to improve specific aspects of their game. His lack of favouritism among players made everyone feel equal, a quality that is tremendously lacking among today’s coaches. His conscientiousness shows in the drills, practices and workouts that he developed to improve the skills that are crucial for success in basketball. As a player, the major takeaway from playing under Mr. Beers is the confidence he instilled in my game. As a player, if you feel that a coach has confidence in you, it essentially gives you the confidence you need in yourself.

Even nine years after playing for Mr. Beers, we are still in contact. There has been multiple times where he has lent a helping hand to help improve my career. It is all of these qualities that Mr. Beers possesses that makes him a wonderful mentor both on and off the court. Even though I only played under him for 1 year, the experiences and the knowledge that he provided me is something that I will hold onto for the rest of my life.  

Adrian Kuchtaruk

Queen’s Bachelor of Science Honors (Class of 2019)


Over the years, I have had the opportunity to play for Kyle Beers for four years of rep basketball, as well as two summer developmental programs. As a coach, Kyle always pushed his players to their limit and strived to help them achieve their basketball potential. He always put his players best interests first and put his players in a position to succeed both on and off the court. Every year, Kyle focused on challenging his teams by competing in the top tournaments down south to compete against the best players in Ontario, as well as showcase the talented basketball players from the north.


A key memory from playing for Kyle Beers was the time he took to prepare for each game at hand. Kyle would spend hours scouting teams to find player weaknesses and develop strategies to lock down key players and break strong team defenses. Kyle did everything he could as a coach to prepare his team for the games at hand and help his players succeed.


Kyle’s biggest impact on me was building my confidence on and off the court and instilling the philosophy that if you work hard enough, you can achieve your goals. This mindset allowed me to succeed throughout my basketball career as well as my academic career and I continue to carry that valuable mindset with me today. I am fortunate to know Kyle not only as a coach, but as a mentor and good friend.


No matter if Kyle was coaching High school basketball, rep or developmental teams, he always strived to increase the basketball presence of the north and train players to be able to compete at all levels around the world. With this mindset and his coaching experience, I have no doubt that the Northern Lights Basketball Academy will be a great addition to the basketball community in the North, and will help develop some of the next top basketball athletes for years to come.

Parent Testimonials

Christina Vrbancic

Dear Coach Kyle,

What a phenomenal session my son had with you and your coaches today!  Thank you for the incredible  opportunity!  Your encouragement and positivity  while skill-building is what every  youth basketball player in Sudbury should experience!

Julie Coote

Hi Kyle, 

Cody really enjoyed the training yesterday. Kelly and I could see a huge improvement in Cody’s technique in just one afternoon!!

Cody would like to attend the summer camp in July. Can you send me the registration forms?


Kelly C.

Hi Kyle. We heard about your camp through Tina, one of the volunteers of our local Jam organization here in Sturgeon. Cody has been to other camps but I think he would tell you yours is the best so far. He was pumped. Talking to him I got the feeling that the two big differences between your camp and others was the emphasis on fundamentals and the individual feedback from you and the other coaches. Those two things were of real value to him and has not gotten that at other camps. Julie and I even noticed ourselves how much his jump shots had improved just over the course of the afternoon. He was swishing 3’s like crazy!